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A popular choice among families is the traditional funeral which includes a visitation, funeral service, and burial in a cemetery.

The visitation (sometimes also called a wake or calling hours) takes place before the funeral service. It allows family and friends the chance to gather in shared grief, to see the departed one last time, and to say goodbye – all very important steps in the healing process. A visitation is most often held at a funeral home, but can be at a family member's home or other location as well. Traditionally, the loved one's body is present for viewing during this time. Some families may prefer that the body be present, but the casket to remain closed. Others may choose a private viewing limited only to family.

The funeral service is usually held in a church or funeral home and officiated by a pastor, priest, or other clergy person. The location is up to the family – some may prefer a more nontraditional setting such as a park, a family member's home, golf course, beach, or other location that was meaningful to the departed. Family members may opt for the services of a Certified Celebrant in place of a clergy person. This is sometimes preferable for those who have no affiliation with any religion or ties to a particular church.

Our traditional funeral package includes embalming, a visitation the day before the funeral, funeral ceremony, graveside service, and limousine and hearse transportation. We will handle all administrative tasks such as filing the death certificate, completing and submitting insurance and veterans claims, and posting the obituary to our website. We will also provide families with a registration book, acknowledgment cards, and memorial envelopes and folders. The cost of this package is $5,575. The casket and/or burial container costs are separate from this amount. In addition to all of this we can also assist with creating a tribute video

We offer a variety of options to help you create a meaningful, unique and lasting tribute honoring your loved one. A traditional funeral is only one option – whether you prefer traditional funeral or a more contemporary way of honoring a departed loved one, we will be attentive and accommodating of your wishes, while also mindful of your budget.